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Ring Bending Machine

Description of Ring Bending Machine
Our ring bending machine is ideal for forming steel wire, iron wire, stainless steel wire and other nonferrous metal wires (round, square or flat) into ring, half ring or any arcs.

Features of Ring Bending Machine
1 Full hydraulic drive, stepless speed changing
2 Imported hydraulic components: such as hydraulic engine from Denmark; motor, oil pump and electromagnetic valves from Taiwan; encoder from Japan.
3 Numerical display plus encoder for setting length and cutting automatically
4 Quantity can be pre-set and stopped automatically when quantity is accomplished.
5 Hydraulic system offers auto unloading function, which means hydraulic pressure will be unloaded automatically when there is no work, thus extending the working life of hydraulic components.
6 Wire-return function: return wires during trial run to avoid waste.
7 One small hydraulic motor for all driving and cutting significantly reduces electricity consumption.
8 Gears of ring loop making machine are made by 40Cr, adjusted and quenched, HRC 52-55, shafts are made by 45# steel, adjusted
9 Feeding & straightening and forming rollers of ring loop making machine are made by good steel alloy, heat treated HRC 58-62

Technical Data of Ring Bending Machine

Item DQ-06 DQ-08
Applicable material Carbon steel, stainless steel
Applicable wire diameter 1-6mm 2-8mm
Applicable ring diameter 35-750mm 60-1000mm
Finished ring diameter tolerance ±0.2mm
Feeding speed 40m/min
Main driving motor power Servo motor 2.2kW
Power supply 220V, single phase
Productivity More than 20pcs/min
Machine dimension 1350×900×1450mm 1980×900×1670mm
Machine weight 580kg 780kg

Note: Special size can be ordered.

Close/Open Ring Bending Machine

Description of Close/Open Ring Bending Machine
The machine is specially offered for producing closed ring or ring with small opening, in different diameters. The ring opening has smooth surface.

Main Technical Data Of Close/Open Ring Bending Machine

Item Specifications
Model QZ-5
Applicable wire Normal steel wire, galvanized steel wire
Applicable wire diameter 1.6-6.0mm
Finished ring diameter 20-76mm
Production speed 50-70pcs/min
Main drive motor power 1.1kW
Machine dimension About 1180×760×1200mm
Machine weight About 500kg

Key Ring Making Machine

This key ring making machine is comprised of one key ring forming machine and one punching press. The two machines are combined together for automatic production of flat key ring.

Main Features
1. The key ring making machine supports automatic forming of key ring.
2. The gears are made of 40Cr, processed with tempering and quenching technology. The hardness of the gears can be HRC 52-55.
3. For first class product quality, we employ shaft made of tempered 45# steel
4. Feeding, straightening and forming rollers are made by good steel alloy. With heat treatment, the hardness of the rollers reaches up to HRC 58-62.

Technical Parameters of Key Ring Making Machine

Item Specifications
Applicable material Carbon steel, stainless steel
Applicable wire diameter 1.0-3.0mm
Finished key ring diameter 15-40mm
Production speed 35-45pcs/min
Main drive motor power 1.5kW (for wire bending machine only)
Eccentric press capacity 25 ton

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