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T-12 TDF Flange Forming Machine

The T-12 TDF flange forming machine is generally used for manufacturing steel plate with flange for square and rectangular ventilation duct system. The flange size can be customized. In addition, this product can also be used for producing fastener for square and rectangular duct system. Compact and movable, our product is quite convenient for use.

Technical Parameters of T-12 TDF Flange Forming Machine:

Item Specifications
Driving motor power 3kW
Applicable material Galvanized steel, 0.8-1.2mm in thickness
Flange & fastener shape
Machine weight 1400kg
Machine size 2800×700×1000mm

T-30DC TDC Flange Forming Machine

Main Technical Data of T-30DC TDC Flange Forming Machine:

Item Specifications
TDC flange size 30mm in height (or as required)
Applicable material Carbon steel 0.4-1.2mm in thickness
Main driving motor power 5.5kW
Steps of rollers 22 stations
Diameter of roller shaft 40mm
Distance between stations 250mm
Material of rollers GCr15, quenched, HRC 58-62, coated with chrome
Cutting method Fly cutting system (non-stop)
Machine dimension 6000×1800×1500mm
Machine weight About 3000kg

Photos of TDC Flanges & Duct Connection

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