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ZHL-150 Spiral Filter Core Forming Machine

Description of ZHL-150 Spiral Filter Core Forming Machine:
This forming machine is especially suitable for producing spiral steel core for automotive filters.

Features of ZHL-150 Spiral Filter Core Forming Machine:
1) The diameter of spiral tube can be changed easily and quickly.
2) Any length can be cut according to customer's requirement.
3) By adjusting clutch, the spiral forming machine can be suitable for materials of different thick.
4) Adopting PLC control system, this forming machine offers high efficiency, stable quality, less procedures and materials, thus reducing the production cost.
5) Fluid drive, large driving moment and stable run.

Technical Data of ZHL-150 Spiral Filter Core Forming Machine:

Item Specification
Spiral filter core diameter 35-150mm
Applicable material Galvanized steel, stainless steel
Applicable material thickness 0.25-0.7mm
Applicable material width 50/60mm
Feeding speed 0-35m/min
Main drive motor power 3kW
Machine size 1600×800×1240mm
Machine weight About 800kg

Photos of spiral filter cores can be made by this machine:

By adding an eccentric punching press to the production line, round hole perforated filter cores can be produced.

This is another filter core machine that produces expanded mesh filter cores.

Item Data
Suitable filter core diameter Φ130-400mm
Suitable raw material thickness 0.35-0.6mm
Suitable raw material width 65mm
Expanded mesh width 130mm
Production speed 0-6m/min
Main motor power 4kW
Cutting method Non-stop round blade cutting, chipless and noiseless
Main machine dimension 1700 x 1100 x 1500mm
Weight About 1000kg

Photo of ZHL-600 Spiral Filter Core Forming Machine

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