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ZHF-50 Metal Flexible Hose Forming Machine

Description of ZHF-50 Metal Flexible Hose Forming Machine:
This forming machine is used to produce flexible hose in double seam lock (double-swage). Its materials include stainless steel, cooper, carbon steel and aluminum. The finished hoses are mainly used for sanitary and electric wiring, etc.

Features of ZHF-50 Metal Flexible Hose Forming Machine:
1) Continuous production
2) Inverter motor driving, low electric consumption, no noise, easy operation and stable work
3) Finished hose is in good tensile strength and yield strength
4) Several flexible hose forming machines can be operated by one worker at the same time.
5) Firmed and stable double seam lock:

Technical Data of ZHF-50 Metal Flexible Hose Forming Machine:

Item Specifications
Applicable material Stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, aluminum
Flexible hose diameter Max. 50mm (or customized)
Raw material width 8.25-9.5mm
Raw material thickness 0.17-0.25mm
Production speed 2m/min
Driving motor power 2.2kW×2, 3-phase
Dimension About 950×850×1400mm
Weight About 800kg

Finished products:

Corrugated Steel Pipe Forming Machine

The corrugated steel pipe forming machine is extensively used for manufacturing steel pipes and hoses for diversified applications. It is widely seen in petrochemical industry, machinery industry, construction industry, civil engineering, and some others.

Technical Parameters of Corrugated Steel Pipe Forming Machine:

Item Specifications
Corrugated pipe diameter 6-50mm
Raw material Stainless steel or carbon steel pipes
Pipe wall thickness 0.2-0.5mm
Production speed 2.5-6 seconds per corrugation
Corrugation deepness 1.75-2.1mm
Main drive motor power 4.0kW
Dimension About 4850×600×1200mm
Weight About 650kg

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