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Copper Tube Flange Hole Punching Machine

This copper tube flange hole punching machine is specially designed for punching holes on copper pipes used in radiators for air conditioner.

Main Features of Copper Tube Flanging Hole Punching Machine
1. Servo material feeding, hydraulic punching
2. NC control, convenient operation
3. Good punching effect, high efficiency

Main Technical Data of Tube Punching Machine

No. Item Data
1 Max. copper pipe diameter Φ50mm
2 Min. copper pipe diameter Φ9.52mm
3 Copper pipe wall thickness 0.6~1.5mm
4 Max. workpiece length 1600mm
5 Min. hole diameter Φ5.0mm
6 Hole inner diameter precision ±0.05mm
7 Min. space between two holes 16mm
8 Hole drawing height When less than Φ12.mm: 1.5mm; When more thanΦ16mm: 2mm
9 Verticality between drawing and pipe ≤0.1mm
10 Feeding speed 600mm/S
11 Rotating speed 360°/S
12 Feeding axis position precision ±0.10mm
13 Rotating axis position precision ±0.10°
14 Max. clamping force 800KG
15 Max. punching force 2000KG
16 Clamping method hydraulic
17 Working efficiency 3~5 seconds per hole
18 Power of hydraulic station motor 2.2KW
19 Total power 3.5KW

Square/Rectangular Tube/Pipe Punching Machine

We are a professional manufacturer for square/rectangular tube/pipe punching machines. Our product can be specially designed according to the customer demand.

Main Features
1. Servo feeding, high precision
2. Hole position can be preset on HMI
3. Hydraulic driven, low noise
4. PLC control, HMI operation, full automatic

Main Features of Square/Rectangular Tube/Pipe Punching Machine

Item Specifications
Applicable tube/pipe material Iron, copper, aluminum
Square/rectangular tube/pipe size As per requirement
Tube/pipe wall thickness Max. 2mm (or customized)
Max. tube/pipe length As per requirement
Min. distance between hole centers Round hole: 30mm, square hole: 35mm.
Accuracy of hole position ±0.3mm
Punching speed 4 seconds per hole

Round Tube/Pipe Hole Punching Machine

The round tube/pipe punching machine can be produced based on the customer requirement on tube and hole size. The material feeding is driven by servo motor, for processing holes on different parts of the tube. Fully automatic, this range of product is controlled by PLC and is designed with HMI.

Round Tube for Air Conditioner

As a Chinese Tube Punching Machine manufacturer, we can customize our products to your specific requirements.

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