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Copper Tube Rolling Machine

The copper tube rolling machine is configured according to the required diameter of finished product (copper tube). In general, our production line consists of melting furnace and caster, tube rolling mill, double-serial drawing machine (or triple-serial drawing machine), vertical type drawing machine, as well as auxiliary equipment, and so on.

Technical Specifications

Items Data Remarks
Melting Furnace & Caster For billet
Max. melting capacity 5000kg
Rated induction melting power 190kW x 2
Melting rate 1500kg/h
Capacity of temperature-keeping oven 2000kg
Power of temperature-keeping oven 125kW
Melting rate of temperature-keeping oven 500kg/h
Billet speed (main) 0~25cm/min
Billet numbers 3
Tube Rolling Mill For rolling copper tubes
Blank billet size Φ80~90×20~ 25mm Outer diameter * wall thickness
Max. billet reel weight 1000kg
Rolled tube size Φ50x2.5mm, Φ47x2.3mm, Φ25x2.3mm
Roller diameter Φ270mm
Main driving motor power 220kW x 2 DC
Auxiliary driving motor power 220kW DC
Rolling speed 13~17m/min
Billet feeding speed 0.7~1.2m/min
Tube diameter tolerance ±0.50mm
Tube wall thickness tolerance ±0.20mm
Nitrogen gas flow 800~1000L/min Pressure 0.3MPa
Nitrogen gas consumption 300~400L/min Purity 99.99%
Total power 720kW
Output per shift Not less than 42t
Electric consumption Less than 260kW·h/t
Double-serial Drawing Machine For drawing tubes
Drawing strength No.1 drawer 15T
No.2 drawer 10T
Drawing speed No.1 drawer 0~65m/min Continuously adjustable
No.2 drawer 0~85m/min Continuously adjustable
Diameter of input tube No.1 drawer Max. 50mm
No.2 drawer Max. 40mm
Diameter of output tube No.1 drawer Max. 40mm
No.2 drawer Max. 30mm
Motor power No.1 drawer 200kW, DC
No.2 drawer 185kW, DC
Vertical type Drawing Machine For drawing tubes
Maximum drawing strength 8000kg
Drawing speed 0~1000m/min
Blank tube size Φ48 x 2.4mm
Minimum drawn tube size Φ6 x 0.3mm
Total power About 451kW
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