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Steel Grating Welding Machine

Description of Steel Grating Welding Machine
This steel grating welding machine is composed of gantry type welding machine, double-layer flat steel feeding device, cross bar auto falling device, steel grating hauling device, hydraulic & pneumatic system, cooling system, electric control system, etc.

Raw Material for Steel Gratings

Item Specifications
Applicable material Hot-rolled steel or cold-rolled steel
Bearing flat bar width 25-75mm
Bearing flat bar thickness 2.5-7mm
Cross bar Round Diameter 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm
Wrung square bar 4×4mm, 5×5mm, 6×6mm, 8×8mm

Specifications of Finished Steel Gratings

Item Specifications
Size of finished steel gratings 1000×6000mm (W×L)
Space between flat bars 30, 40, 50, 60mm, adjustable
Space between cross bars 38-160mm, adjustable
Width tolerance Less than ±3mm
Non-perpendicularity of bearing flat bar Less than 10% of the bar width
Position deviation of cross bar Cross bar surface extrudes out of bearing bar surface less than 1mm; Both ends of cross bar extrude out of the grating no more than 2mm.
Deflection of cross bar end to center of grating Less than 3mm
Deflection of spaces between any two cross bars within the length of 1500mm Less than ±5mm
Deflection in diagonal Less than ±5mm within the length of 1000mm

Technical Parameters of Steel Grating Welding Machine

Item Specifications
Power supply 3-phase, 380V, 50/60Hz
Rated welding power 6×100kVA
Transformer 630kVA
Rated current AC 600A
Min. working current AC 280A
Rated low temporary load 50%
Max. pressure 25kN
Max. pressing stroke for cross bar 50mm, adjustable
Machine weight About 4.5 ton
Cooling water 0.2MPa
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