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3D Truss Girder Welding Machine

The 3D truss girder welding machine utilizes three coiled steel ribbed bars and two coiled round steel bars as the raw material for production.

Features of 3D Truss Girder
1. The 3D truss girder is a kind of advanced invention for building construction.
2. It can be used together with steel floor panel for direct pouring, reducing time for on-site rebar binding. Therefore, the working efficiency is improved and the construction period is shortened, accordingly.
3. With reliable structural stress, the 3D truss girder requires little support during construction, and the rigidity of the floor panel is improved, as well.

Technical Parameters of 3D Truss Girder Welding Machine

Item Unit Specifications
Load bearing capacity of feeding unit kg 1500
Quantity of feeding unit pc 5
Rebar straightening speed m/min 30
Rebar feeding motor power kW 3.7×5
Straightening motor power kW 7.5×3
Truss rebar forming motor power kW 7.5
Welding transformer power KVA 125×2
Hydraulic station motor power (for cutting) kW 15
Hydraulic pressure MPa 25
Rebar bending motor power kW 7.5
Stacking chain moving motor power kW 3
Stacking rack elevating motor power kW 3
Truss rebar bending pitch mm 200
Truss girder height mm 70-300
Truss girder width mm 60-90
Longitudinal rebar diameter mm 5-12
Truss rebar diameter mm 4-7
Truss girder length m 2.4-12
Production speed m/min 0-18
Air pressure MPa 0.6
Air consumption m3/min 1.8
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