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Transformer Test System

Description of Transformer Test Bench
Transformer test system is an integrated test bench, combined with several test instruments and equipment for a variety of routine tests on transformers. It can provide reliable data for supervising and manufacturing distribution and power transformers.

The test items include:
1. Transformer winding DC resistance test
2. Transformer no-load performance test
3. Transformer load performance test
4. Transformer turns ratio / phase test
5. Transformer power-frequency withstand voltage test
6. Induced over voltage withstand test
7. Transformer partial discharge test (optional)
8. Insulation resistance test (optional)

Features on Transformer Test Bench
1. The transformer test bench can be designed to be fully automatic computer control or conventional manual control.
2. Test data is digital display and menu display; can be recalled and printed out.
3. The transformer test bench has automatic over-voltage and over-current, protecting and alarming.
4. Date, time, temperature and humidity data are displaying on the bench, convenient for file.
5. Reserved ZIP sockets for future 110kV and 220kV transformer testing upgrading.

Configuration and Specifications of Transformer Test Bench
Based on detailed requirements on transformers voltage grade, capacity and test items.

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