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Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

This is a 3-phase transformer turns ratio meter. It will automatically check out and display winding polarity and phase angle, turns ratio and percentage error. It is portable, light weight, less than 8Kg.

Features of Transformer Turns Ratio Meter
1. High turns ratio range: 1-10,000
2. Built-in large-size thermal printer.
3. Phase angle and winding polarity measuring.
4. Name-plate turns ratio calculation.
5. Computer interface RS232.
6. Auto transformer turns ratio meter has automatic phase switching.
7. Automatic measures range switching.
8. Automatic calibrates each measurement.
9. When one time measuring finished, automatic shuts off testing voltage.
10. Automatic saves measured result; history data can be viewed.
11. When measuring loaded transformer, only input turn ratio one time.

Technical Data of Transformer Turns Ratio Meter

Item Specifications
Turns ratio measuring range 1-10000
Measurement accuracy 1-1000 ±0.2%
1000-10000 ±0.5%
Electric power AC220V, ±10%, 50Hz
Ambient temperature -5℃-40℃
Relative humidity <85%
Dimensions 430×320×215mm
Weight 8kg
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