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EHV Circuit Breaker Analyzer

The EHV circuit breaker KC-6A analyzer is standalone; it has a microprocessor-controlled, 6 dry contacts, analyzing extra high voltage circuit breaker's performance by testing contact time, stroke, speed and over-travel, etc.

Test Items of EHV Circuit Breaker Analyzer
1. Routine tests: time, speed and stroke.
a) Time test.
1. Closing/opening time.
2. Synchronized in-phase (time difference between contacts in same phase).
3. Simultaneous between-phase.
4. Bouncing frequency and time.
5. Contact closing/opening-time curve.
b) Speed and stroke test.
1. Open/close instantaneous speed, maximum speed and average speed.
2. Open-distance, over-travel, bounce-back, total stroke.
3. “Stroke-time” curve.
c) Current measurement on closing/opening coils.
2. Reclosing test: close-open, open-close, open-close-open.
3. Low-voltage test: checking out or verifying closing/open coil action voltage.

Main Features of EHV Circuit Breaker Analyzer
1. 640x480 high light color LCD touch screen, high speed built-in thermal printer.
2. Built-in micro-processor, 4GB flash disk.
3. Equipped with management software for history data, querying, comparing, listing, reporting and printing; RS232 and USB computer interface.
4. The EHV circuit breaker analyzer has operation power integrated, no need secondary source, convenient to use at any place.
5. Oscillograph function displaying current wave and stroke-duration curve to identify switch system faults.
6. It's equipped with angular velocity sensor, linear sensor or slide resistance sensor, test speed of all kind of switches.
7. The EHV circuit breaker analyzer has reclosing test function.
8. It has inside anti-interference circuit suitable for reliable use in 500kV transformer substation, assuring safety, stability and accurate tests.
9. Support low-voltage tests on operation mechanism.
10. Suitable for mechanical characteristics and action voltage tests on all SF6, vacuum and low-oil-content switches.
11. Seven test channels for inherent closing/opening duration synchronize on 6 open-contacts simultaneously and one channel for speed measuring.

Technical Data of Typical EHV Circuit Breaker Analyzer

Item Specifications
Time range 10ms-15s
Time resolution ratio 0.1ms
Time measuring precision 0.1% of reading ±0.1ms
Min. action simultaneity difference error ±0.1ms
Closing resistance measuring range 2000Ω
Closing resistance measuring precision ±2% of reading ±0.5Ω
Coil current measuring range 20A
Coil current measuring resolution ratio 0.01A
Speed measuring range 20m/s
Speed measuring resolution ratio 0.01m/s
Speed measuring precision ±1.0% of reading ±0.05m/s
Stroke measuring range 6mm-400mm
Stroke measuring resolution ratio 0.1mm
Stroke measuring precision ±1.0% of reading ±0.1mm
Power AC 220V±10%, 50Hz ±1Hz
Operation power output 20V-250V, 20A , digital and adjustable
Dimension 410×310 ×240mm
Weight 10kg

Note: We can supply other circuit breaker analyzers based on your detailed requirements.

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