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Partial Discharge Test System

The partial discharge test system is special to measure partial discharge of transformers, motors, cables, GIS, switches, arresters and others. It has special dual-channel measuring function which allows to make several tests to different items or several tests to different points on same item, it's also suitable to analyze discharging positions of big size transformers.

Components of Partial Discharge Test System
1) Non-partial-discharge test transformer
2) Non-partial-discharge regulator and control panel
3) Isolation filter
4) Coupling capacitor
5) Partial discharge test meter
6) Current-limiting resistance, wires and others.

Main features of Partial Discharge Test System
1. Full program-control working method, for better measuring and analyzing.
2. Textual hints are available, which makes the equipment operation simple.
3. The partial dischargeable test system can save partial discharge figures and data to be printed, automatically generating test report.
4. Freely choose ellipse or beeline displaying method that statically measures, observes and analyses partial discharge impulse of one cycle test voltage.
5. The partial discharge test system has the latest 2D and 3D chart displaying, more information, easier to make a distinction between discharge and disturbance impulses.
6. Special color columns and digital indicating discharging impulse peak value.
7. Special numerical windowing technique, avoiding test by disturbance.
8. The partial discharge test system has dual-channel measuring and analyzing technique to build up impulse polarity recognizing circuits or balance measuring circuits and restrain disturbance impulses.
9. Convenient to establish measuring and positioning data

Technical parameters of Partial Discharge Test System

Item Specifications
Test channels Dual channel
Test sensitivity 0.1 Pc
Test frequency band 3dB band width, 10kHz-300kHz
Dynamic range of gain 120dB
Low-side of filter 10,20,40KH,
High-side of filter 100,200,300kHz
Synchronization frequency 50,100,150,200 or any
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