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Cable Hipot Test System

The cable hipot test system includes frequency power, exciting transformer, reactors and voltage divider. Reactors are dry resin casting type, suitable for different cable tests. Variable-frequency resonance voltage raising device makes reactor and capacitor achieve resonance by adjusting frequency of power and getting high voltage and big current on tested objects.
The cable hipot test system is portable, special to test cables. Some pieces weight can be 60Kg easily to carry by two people and others 30Kg can be carried by one person.

Main Parameters of Cable Hipot Test System

Item Specifications
Rated output voltage 0-130kV
Output frequency 20-300Hz
Resonant voltage wave Sine wave, with aberration rate less than 1%
Full-load working duration 60 minutes
System quality factor More than 20 under max. load
Frequency adjustment 0.1Hz, instability less than 0.01%
Power source 220V or 380V normal electric supply

Configuration and Test Items of Cable Hipot Test System

Code Basic configurations Suitable cables
Frequency power Reactor Exciting transformer Voltage divider
ZXZ-44/22 2.5kW 1A/220kV, 2 sets 2.5kVA/1kV 25kV 10kV 300mm2 ≤1km
ZXZ-88/22 4kW 2A/22kV, 2 sets 4kVA/1kV 25kV 10kV 300mm2 ≤2km
ZXZ-132/22 6kW 2A/22kV, 3sets 6kVA/1/3kV 70kV 10kV 300mm2 ≤3km 35kV,300mm2 ≤0.7km
ZXZ-198/22 10kW 1.5A/22kV, 6sets 10kVA/1/3kV 70kV 10kV 300mm2 ≤4km 35kV,300mm2 ≤1km
ZXZ-264/22 15kW 2A/22kV, 6sets 15kVA/1/3kV 70kV 10kV 300mm2 ≤4km 35kV,300mm2 ≤1km
ZXZ-396/22 15kW 3A/22kV, 6sets 15kVA/1/3kV 130kV 10kV 300mm2 ≤8km 35kV,300mm2 ≤2km
ZXZ-640/22 25kW 2.5A/32kV, 8sets 25kVA/1/3/5kV 130kV 10kV 300mm2 ≤10km 35kV,300mm2 ≤3km 110kV,400mm2 ≤1km
ZXZ-1280/22 50kW 5A/32kV, 8sets 50kVA/1/3/5kV 130kV 10kV 300mm2 ≤20km 35kV,300mm2 ≤8km 110kV,400mm2 ≤2km
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