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Transformer Loss Tester

The transformer loss tester has a high precision integrated test instrument, not only for checking out transformer capacity, but also for testing transformer performance such as no-load current, no-load loss, short-circuit voltage, short-circuit loss, impedance voltage, etc.

Features on Transformer Loss Tester
1. The transformer loss tester has a high quality re-chargeable battery lasting 100 tests continuously.
2. Internal digital synthesis standard sine wave (not contravariant AC output), can provide 3-phase precision AC test power, after being amplified.
3. When measuring capacity and short-circuit loss, the transformer capacity and loss tester doesn't need auxiliary equipments such as 3-phase test power, regulator or current-upgrading equipment.
4. High accuracy rate of capacity test result, 100%
5. Big test range has 750V maximum voltage.
6. The transformer loss tester has an automatically carry out wave distortion rectifying, temperature rectifying and voltage rectifying (no-load test under non-rated voltage), current rectifying (short-circuit under non-rated current).
7. It has large-size LCD displaying for menu operation.
8. Test data can be printed out at any time from the transformer capacity and loss tester.

Main parameters of Transformer Loss Tester

Item Specifications
Input characteristics Active section Voltage measuring range 0-10V
Current measuring range: 0-10A
Passive section Voltage measuring range 0-7500V
Current measuring range: 0-100A
Accuracy of voltage, current and frequency ±0.2%
Accuracy of power ±0.5(cosɸ>0.1), ±1.0%(0.02)
Ambient temperature -10℃-40℃
Working power AC 160V- 400V
Insulation resistance of input terminal to meter cover ≥100MΩ
Power-frequency withstand voltage test of input terminal to meter cover 2kV, last for 1 minute
Dimensions 400×320×180mm
Weight 4kg
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