SF6 Analyzing Meter

The SF6 Analyzing Meter is a modern instrument, measuring moisture content in hydrogen, nitrogen, other inert gases and non-corrosive gases, especially SF6 gas, in high precision. It's used in SF6 switches distribution station, hydrogen station and hydrogen-cooling generators, also used in petrochemical and metallurgical industry, environmental protection industry, scientific research institutes and other fields.
The SF6 Analyzing Meter has high precision humidity sensor, high accuracy, repeatability, quick measuring speed and low shifting. It is an ideal choice for low dew point industry environments that need to control dry point.

Main Features of SF6 Analyzing Meter
1. Aluminum carrying case.
2. Automatically converted to standard value under 20℃
3. Zero point automatic calibration.
4. The SF6 Analyzing Meter has a big LCD displaying.
5. Super high saving memory.
6. It displays information for curve and electricity.
7. Advanced probe protection function.
8. Simple operation, portable.
9. The SF6 Analyzing Meter is anti-pollution and anti-interference.
10. High sensitivity, good stability.
11. Equipped with couplings, suitable for any kind of SF6 switches.

Main Technical Data of SF6 Analyzing Meter

Item Specifications
Measuring range -80℃ -20℃ (dew point)
Precision ±0.5℃
Resolution ratio 0.01℃ or 0.1ppm
Response time (with dew point up to -35℃ ~-60℃) ≤5min
Display Dew point, PPMV, temperature, pressure, flux
Power AC/DC lithium ion battery with over-charge protection device, lasting for 8 hours
Output interface RS232 or 4-20mA current(dew point)
Dimensions 360×260×130mm
Weight 3.5kg

SF6 Multi-function Analyzer

The SF6 multi-function analyzer is used for successful SF6 gas recycling and reuse, it's essential to detect three main values: purity of SF6 gas, moisture content and concentration of SF6 decomposition products.

The SF6 multi-function analyzer detects those three values providing the best way to reuse the SF6 gas and recycling efforts validation from the worksite. It's able to analyze three values at the same time saving gas and reducing air pollution.

The SF6 multi-function analyzer has a sensor for moisture imported from Finland; another sensor is for purity imported from Germany and finally from England, this imported sensor is for decomposition and is special for SF6 gas.

Main Features of SF6 Multi-function Analyzer
1. Big size sunlight LCD, graphic menu.
2. With data communication interface.
3. Electron flux and electricity displaying.
4. Measured data automatically saved and printed.
5. Instrument self-diagnosing function.
6. AC/DC power supply, built-in rechargeable Lithium ion battery
7. Compact, light and portable, low maintenance
8. With data management system software

Item Specifications
SF6 moisture
a) Measuring range -80℃-20℃ (dew point)
b) Precision ±0.5℃
c) Resolution ratio 0.01℃ or 0.1ppm
d) Responding time at 63%(90%) -20℃ to +20℃ Td 5s (45s)
-20℃ to 60℃ Td 10s (240s)
e) Repeatability ±0.4℃
f) SF6 gas flux adjustment at 0.5-0.9L/min No effect
g) Probe protection Stainless steel sintered filter
SF6 purity
a) Measuring range 0-100%
b) Precision and repeatability ±0.4%, unrelated to flux
c) Response time 15s at 90%
SF6 decomposition byproducts
a) H2S 1-200ppm
b) SO2 1-100ppm
c) HF 0-10ppm (Optional)
d) Precision ±1ppm
Other parameters
a) Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery 3500mAH, with overcharge protection device.
b) Working pressure 0-1.0MPa
c) Sample gas flux Unlimited
d) Electron flux meter Yes
e) Output interface USB1.1
f) Dimension 285mm(W)×165mm(D)×320mm(H)
g) Weight 3.5kg

SF6 Volume Percentage Analyzer

The SF6 volume percentage analyzer is the most advanced meter special for analyzing volume percentage in SF6 gas tank or SF6 switches. A conventional thermal conductivity method for volume percentage detection has a problem caused by temperature drift. However, our new analyzer is not affected by ambient temperature; it was set up for higher precision and better stability.
The SF6 volume percentage analyzer has the most sophisticated micro thermal conductive sensor available in the market with temperature compensation and also checks percentage in a fast and accurate way, lasting over 10 years.

Main Features of SF6 Volume Percentage Analyzer
1. Long life micro thermal conductive sensor with temperature compensation, not affected by ambient temperature.
2. Built-in pressure maintaining valve and electronic mass flow-meter.
3. LCD graphic displaying.
4. Dual DC & AC power supply, chargeable lithium ion battery.
5. Quick test speed.
6. Portable instrument.

Technical Data of SF6 Volume Percentage Analyzer

Item Specifications
Measuring range 0-100%
Measuring accuracy ±0.1%
Resolution 0.1%
Response time Approx. 2 minutes
Sampling system Built-in pressure maintaining valve, filter and electronic mass flow-meter
Sampling flux 500-600ml/min
Continuous working time 8 hours (lithium ion battery)
Ambient temperature -10℃-45℃
Weight 3kg
Dimensions 360×260×130mm

SF6 Leakage Detector

SF6 leakage detector is special for detecting leakage of SF6 gas, most suitable for power supplying, installation or repair companies, electric test centers and SF6 high voltage switches manufacturers.

Main Features of SF6 Leakage Detector
1. Small size, light and portable, hand-held serpentine probe and flexible connection wire.
2. The leakage detector comes with high sensitivity. It can successfully detect the leakage condition of a piece of equipment with an annual SF6 gas leakage of 3g.
3. Big measuring range: may detect SF6 leakage within the rate of SF6 switches and two grades can be shifted.
4. High accuracy: advanced calibration method and high accuracy standard line.
5. Digital LCD displaying, acoustic and optical alarming when SF6 is detected.
6. Quick reaction speed, short resuming time.
7. Rechargeable battery, one time charge works more than 5 hours.

Main Technical Data of SF6 Leakage Detector

Item Specifications
Min. detecting value 1(×10-6 volume)
Detecting range 1-1000(×10-6 volume)
Response time <1s
Recovery time <10s
Error of indication ≤±3%
Repeatability error ≤1%
Max. sensitivity (sensor in static state) 3g per year
Digital display with acoustic and optical signals Yes
Probe detecting length Hand-held, no limit
Continuous working duration 5 hours
Power supply Chargeable battery and AC
Ambient temperature -5℃-45℃, RH≤85%
Weight 2kg
Dimension 400×230×90mm
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