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Cable Fault Locating System

How Do I Find Cable Faults?

Cable fault locating & detecting involves a complete system, instead of a single tester. We offer different configurations of cable fault locator systems for underground and overhead cables. These are also available in different voltage levels, ranging from 380V to 220kV, and even 500kV.

A typical cable fault locator system with a voltage range of 380-220kV covers all kind of cable faults:
1) Low-resistance fault (short-circuit fault, less than 100 ohm)
2) Broken fault (open-circuit fault)
3) High-resistance leakage fault (more than 100 ohm)
4) High-resistance flashover fault (arcing fault)

Cable Fault Locator System Buildup

No. Item
1 GCY-40D3 cable fault test system
2 GCY-4000 cable fault tester
3 GCY-III cable fault locator
4 RD8000 cable line fault locator
5 GCY-Q10 cable test HV bridge
6 DSY-4 cable identifier
7 CCY-DL-60/40 movable silicone HV shield cable coil
8 GCY-QG-132 cable fault locator cutter
9 DM06 cable fault locator electric distance measuring wheel

IV Cable Fault Detecting Flow

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