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Protective Relay Tester

The protective relay tester is an important testing tool that ensures power system is running securely and reliably. JB series protective relay testers are computer-based, true color LCD graphic display and WOS, Windows operation system. It is compact, portable and light weight, 16Kg to 18Kg.

Main Features of Protective Relay Tester
1. Operation system: built-in computer, WOS.
2. Simultaneously output available: 6 current and 6 voltage (some code is 5 voltage, 3 current)
3. Max. phase current output: 30A; Max. phase voltage output: 130V
4. High accuracy outputs: better than 0.1%
5. 8 Binary inputs, 4 Binary outputs
6. Adjustable threshold (0-250V) for Binary inputs
7. 640*480 dots 8” big size LCD display
8. Advanced testing and data management software, test results can be automatically managed and recorded as test reports.
9. Keyboard/mouse interface, two USB and two RS232 interfaces

Main Technical Data of Protective Relay Tester

Item JB-902 JB-1200 JB-1600
Current Power Supply AC Output precision < ±0.1% < ±0.1% < ±0.1%
Phase current output (effective value) 3*0-30A 6*0-30A 6*0~30A
3-phase parallel current output (effective value) 0-90A 0-180A 0-180A
Acceptable working time phase current (effective value) < 10A/Phase < 10A/Phase < 10A/Phase
Acceptable working time under max. 3-phase parallel current output < 10s < 10s < 10s
Max phase current output power 250VA/Phase 250VA/Phase 250VA/Phase
Harmonic time 0-21times 0-21times 0-21times
DC Output range 0-10A 0-10A 0-10A
Max output power 150VA 150VA 150VA
Precision < ±0.2% < ±0.2% < ±0.2%
Voltage Power Supply AC Phase voltage output (effective value) 5*0-130V/Phase 6*0-130V/Phase 6*0-130V/Phase
Line voltage output (effective value) 0-260V 0-260V 0-260V
Max output power 70VA/Phase 70VA/Phase 70VA/Phase
Precision < ±0.1% < ±0.1% < ±0.1%
Harmonic time 0-21times 0-21times 0-21times
DC Output range 0-300V 0-300V 0-300V
Output power 130VA 130VA 130VA
Precision < ±0.2% < ±0.2% < ±0.2%
Accessorial DC power supply 220VDC > 110VA > 110VA > 110VA
110VDC > 110VA > 110VA > 110VA
Switching value input Idle contact 1-20mA, 24V(DC) 1-20mA, 24V(DC) 1-20mA, 24V(DC)
Potential contact 0-250V(DC) 0-250V(DC) 0-250V(DC)
Switching value output Idle contact 250V/0.3A(DC) 250V/0.3A(DC) 250V/0.3A(DC)
Rated Output Frequency error <±0.01Hz <±0.01Hz <±0.01Hz
Phase error <±0.2° <±0.2° <±0.2°
Wave distortion <±0.3% <±0.3% <±0.3%
Time error <40μs <40μs <40μs
Output frequency 0~1050Hz 0~1050Hz 0~1000Hz
Time measuring range 0.1ms~3600s 0.1ms~3600s 0.1ms~3600s
Dimension L*W*H 360*195*375mm 360*195*375mm 360*195*380mm
Weight 16.6kg 16.6kg 18kg
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