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Instrument Transformer Test Sets

The instrument transformer test sets is a full automatic microprocessor-based integrated test set. It can perform tests of current transformers and potential transformers, such as excitation, ratio, winding polarity, ratio and phase angle error, etc.
It automatically raises and lowers the excitation test voltage without any operator intervention, with more than 1200VAC excitation test voltage available; it can easily perform tests on large current transformers.

Main Features of Instrument Transformer Test Sets
1) Full automatic, without any parameter setting.
2) Both for CT and PT, up to 20 test items.
3) 220V AC input, high safety output.
4) Portable, light weight 16Kg.
5) Built-in large size thermal printer.
6) The instrument transformer test sets has a flash memory to store more than 1000 units test data.
7) USB computer interface.
8) Large size LCD display, menu displaying and rotate mouse.

Components of Instrument Transformer Test Sets
1. Volt-ampere characteristic of CT & PT
2. Ratio of CT & PT
3. Ratio error of CT & PT (without any auxiliary equipment)
4. Phase angle error of CT & PT (without any auxiliary equipment)
5. Polarity of CT & PT
6. Excitation inflection point current/voltage of CT & PT
7. 10% error curve of CT
8. Secondary windings test of CT
9. AC withstand voltage test of CT & PT
10. Secondary burden measuring of CT & PT
11. Automatic demagnetization of CT& PT

Main Technical Data of Instrument Transformer Test Sets

Item Specifications
Input power 220VAC±10V, 50Hz/60Hz
Output voltage 0-1200V/2500V(Max. 15A)
Output current 0-400A(5V)
Measuring precision of volt-ampere 0.05%
Total power consumption 5kW
Measuring range of CT 5A/5A-25000A/5A
Measuring range of PT 5VA-500VA
Weight 16kg
Dimension 380×180×240mm

Similar Products

Code Feature Difference Parameter Difference
Output Voltage Output Current
HG-A Standard configuration, for both CT and PT, manually setting test voltage and current 0-1000V 0-600A
HG-B Increased output voltage and current 0-2500V 0-1000A
HG-C Super-high output voltage 0-6000V 0-1000A
HG-D Add ratio error and phase angle error test items comparing HG-A 0-1000V 0-600A
HG-E Increasing output capacity comparing to HG-D 0-2500V 0-1000A
HG-F Add secondary burden test, increasing measuring precision 0.1 grade 0-2500V 0-1000A
HG-G Full automatic, no need setting test voltage and current, precision 0.05 grade 0-1200V 0-400A
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