The HL series for micro-ohmmeter measures circuit-breaker contact resistance, bushing contact joints or any low-resistance conductor path that requires testing. This microprocessor controlled micro-ohm meter can accurately measure low resistances ranging from 1 micro-ohm to 20 milliohms at any test current from 10A to 600A. The digital readout displays directly in micro-ohms or milliohms. No calculation is required to compensate for lead resistances when using these meters. Weight of 100~200A meter is 7Kg and weight of 300~600A meter is 12Kg, ideal for field use.

Main Features of Micro-Ohmmeter
1. Light weight, small size and portable, test wire can be placed in a small section.
2. Maximum output voltage 10V
3. Big sunlight LCD display setting current test, duration, procedure and results.
4. Memory storing maximum 200 test data
5. Built-in thermal printer
6. Computer interface via RS232 or USB port
7. Data management software based on Windows, test reports can be saved as Word or Excel formats.

Main Parameters of Micro-Ohmmeter

Item HL-100A HL-200A HL-300A HL-400A HL-500A HL-600A
Max. test current (A) 100 200 300 400 500 600
Resistance range (μΩ) 0-20000.0 0-10000.0 0-8000.0 0-6000.0 0-5000.0 0-4000.0
Current taps** (A) 100 100,200 100,200,300 100,200, 300,400 100,200,300, 400,500 100,200,300, 400,500,600
Resolution ratio (μΩ) 0.1μΩ**
Accuracy 0.5% readings +/- 2 counts**
Test duration (s) 5-60,selectable 5-30, selectable
Dimension (mm) 330x218x140 480 x 340 x 140
Weight (Kg) 7 12

1. Standard taps are in integer. If needed, can be specially ordered one step 10A within 30-200A and one step 100A within 200-600A.
2. Resolution ratio 0.01μΩ can be specially ordered.
3. Accuracy 0.2% +/-2 counts can be specially ordered.

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