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Compact Metal Slitting Machine

The compact metal slitting machine can be used for processing copper and aluminium into narrow strips with the minimum width of 4mm. The strip processed will be recoil automatically. In addition to the compact structure, the metal coil slitting equipment is well received because of the first class slitting quality.

Technical Parameters of Compact Metal Slitting Machine

No. Item Specifications
1 Raw material thickness Carbon steel 0.06-0.8mm
Aluminum or copper 0.06-1mm
2 Max. coil width 420m
3 Max. coil outer diameter 750mm
4 Coil inner diameter 150-520mm
5 Max. coil weight 570kg
6 Min. slitting strip width 4mm
7 Outer diameter of slitting blade 125mm
8 Blade shaft diameter 60mm
9 Slitting speed 7-30m/min
10 Quantity of slit strip 12 (0.6mm in thickness, σb<650MPa
11 Slitting width tolerance 0~-0.05mm
12 Straightness ≤1mm/m (width>20mm)
13 Burr height ≤0.02mm
14 Recoiler inner diameter 150mm, 250mm
15 Recoiler outer diameter 500mm
16 Main drive motor power 4kW
17 Machine weight 3500kg
18 Overall dimension 3640×1365×1380mm

Note: The compact metal slitting machine can be configured based on actual demand of the client. Metal slitter for slitting the metal into narrow strip with 1mm in width is available from us.

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