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Automobile Radiator Making Machine

Automobile radiators are also called water tanks. In order to produce high quality automobile tanks, the following machines are needed:

Radiator Fin Forming (Rolling) Machine

Microchannel Flat Aluminum Tube Cutting Machine

Header Pipe Punching Machine

The hydraulic system uses large-flow plug in valves, and features high speed and stable operation. It has the functions of PLC control, digital display, as well as manual loading, automatic piercing and automatic unloading. With a light curtain protection system, the operation safety is guaranteed.

Technical Data

Item Data
Model JLG-1 (/JLG-2)
Max. working force 65T (/100T)
Pipe quantity can be produced one time One (/Two)
Suitable material Aluminum or copper
Suitable pipe diameter and wall thickness Φ(20~50)mm x (1.0~1.5)mm
Suitable pipe effective length 200~650mm
Pierced slot width and tolerance 1.0~3 ± 0.03 mm
Pierced slot length and tolerance 16~36 ± 0.03mm
Center distance between slots and tolerance 5~12 ± 0.05mm
Production speed About 20 seconds per pipe
Die changing speed About 30 minutes
Total motor power 11.5kW
Machine dimension 2250 x 2080 x 2480mm
Machine weight 4T / 6T

Radiator Auto Core Builder

The radiator auto core builder is designed to automatically assemble the cores of automobile water tanks. It can automatically load, order and clamp flat tubes as well as assemble header plates.

- Universal chassis adapting to cores in various sizes
- X-axis motion is controlled by step motor
- Automatic header plate assembly             
- For getting different pitch, just change the pitch control tooling  
- PLC control + HMI operation

Technical Data

Item Data
Suitable flat tube length 350-800mm
Max. flat tube numbers 60
Suitable flat tube width 16~26mm
Suitable flat tube thickness 2mm
Flat tube pitch 10mm
Suitable fin height 8mm
Suitable fin width Same as width of flat tube
Distance between fin and header plate 10mm
Core building precision Length & height ± 1mm
Diagonal length ±1.5mm
Flat tube loading speed ≦2 pcs/s
Loading cycle duration About 120s
Flat tube storage capacity About 300pcs
Total motor power 4.5kW

Auto Tank Clinching Machine

The fully automatic radiator tank clinching machine is a state of the art designed for clinching plastic tanks to the main plate of the radiator. The machine has two workstations, which work simultaneously to clinch both sides together, and thus, increasing the production efficiency. It is fully automatic, and suitable for most existing water tank types.

Technical Data

Item Data
Suitable max. core size 1000 x 850mm
Suitable max. header plate size 1000 x 100mm
Suitable max. height of radiator 120mm
Suitable teeth pitch Adjustable, default 10mm
Suitable max. teeth numbers 100
Clinch speed 1-20 times per minute
Total power 2.5kW, single phase, AC 50Hz

Aluminum Brazing Furnace

The brazing furnace is a specialized piece of brazing equipment that uses a non-corrosive flux through nitrogen shielding. It is widely used for the production of aluminum/copper heat exchangers, and is suitable for nitrogen shielding brazing of evaporators, condensers, intermediate coolers, water tanks and more.

Technical Data

Model Rated Power Rated Temp. Suitable workpiece dimension(mm) Length of brazing section Whole line length
NB-450-150 242KW 750ºC 450 x 150 6m 28.5m
NB-450-200 242KW 750ºC 450 x 200 6m 28.5m
NB-600-200 303KW 750ºC 600 x 200 8m 29m
NB-600-300 303KW 750ºC 600 x 300 8m 29m
NB-800-200 515KW 750ºC 800 x 200 11m 37.7m
NB-800-300 515KW 750ºC 800 x 300 11m 37.7m
NB-1000-200 615KW 750ºC 1000 x 200 11m 37.7m
NB-1000-300 615KW 750ºC 1000 x 300 11m 37.7m
NB1100-200 655KW 750ºC 1100 x 200 11m 37.7m
NB-1100-350 685KW 750ºC 1100 x 350 11m 37.7m
NB-1200-200 715KW 750ºC 1200 x 200 11m 37.7m
NB-1200-350 735KW 750ºC 1200 x 350 11m 37.7m

Note: The length of the brazing section can be customized according to customer requirements.

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