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Venetian Blind Slat Machine

1. Just as its name implies, our slat machine is ideally suitable for the manufacture of aluminum venetian blinds. This equipment integrates with a series of processes like forming, punching, cutting, as well as stringing.
2. With a fully automatic system, it is controlled by PLC system.
3. Users can preset the parameters such as length, quantity, and hole position, etc., and then our aluminum venetian blind slat machine will automatically fabricate the blinds and string them.
4. This device is driven by hydraulic motor and generates a low level noise.

Technical Specifications of Aluminum Venetian Blind Slat Machine

Item Data
Suitable blind width 12.5mm, 15mm, 16mm, 25mm
Linear speed Max. 3000m/h
Pneumatic pressure needed 0.5MPa
Hydraulic motor power 0.75kW, 3 phase, 380V
Machine weight about 450kg
Outline dimension 4300 x 680 x 1560mm

Samples of Aluminum Venetian Blind Slats

Wooden Venetian Blind Slat Machine

The production process of wooded venetian blind slat machine includes forming, punching, cutting and string inserting. Controlled by PLC, the blinds making machine is fully automatic. Users can preset the length, quality, hole position, and hole quantity, freely.

Main Technical data of Wooden Venetian Blind Slat Machine

Item Specifications
Model FYD-308-3
Suitable wooden slat width 12.5, 15, 16, 25mm
Suitable wooden slat thickness 3-3.5mm
Max. wooden slat length 10ft (305mm)
Production speed 30-60pcs/min
Pneumatic punching stations 4
Pneumatic air pressure 0.5MPa
Strings inserting unit 5
Power supply 2.2kW, 220V AC 50/60Hz
Machine dimension (L×W×H) 3550×650×1650mm
Machine weight About 400kg

Sample of Wooden Venetian Blind Slats:

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