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Thermal Spraying Equipment

There are different kind of thermal spraying equipment, like plasma spraying equipment, arc spraying equipment and HVOF flame spraying machine.

ⅠPlasma Spraying Equipment

The plasma spraying equipment is composed of spraying gun, power rectifier, control system, cooling system, powder feeder, etc. It utilizes plasma arc as heat source, and uses powder as coating material.

Main Features
1.High plasma flow speed, can reach 1000~2000m/s
2. High temperature, can coating ceramic material
3. High coating density, porosity is less than 1%
4. Can coat wear-resistant coating, anti-friction coating, abradable sealing coating, high temperature oxidation resistant coating, heat barrier coating, insulation coating, current conducting coating, etc.

ⅡArc Spraying Equipment

Using arc generated between two fed metal wires as heat source to melt metal, atomizing melt metals by compressed air and spraying it to workpiece.
This arc spraying equipment consists of spraying gun, power source, control system and wire feeding device, etc.

Main Features
1. Multiple purpose, wide application range and easy operation.
2. Distance between gun and power can be up to 100m, operated remotely.
3. High efficiency, deposition rate is more than 75%
4. Good coating quality, high coating density, porosity is less than 1%
5. Reliable and stable wire feeding, can be 24 hours working

Ⅲ HVOF Flame Spraying Equipment

HVOF ultrasonic flame spraying system adopts high temperature high speed emission stream generated in special firebox by propane and oxygen combustion and powder fed into this stream, spraying onto workpiece in ultrasonic speed, more than 1500- 2000m/s (5 Mach).

It is especially suitable for spraying metal carbonization and metal alloy, to rollers, fan blades, valves, pipes, pumps, pistons, etc.
It is comprised of spraying gun, control panel, powder feeder, water cooler, etc.

Main Features
1. High speed emission stream, more than 2000m/s.
2. High coating density and low carbonization, porosity less than 1%
3. High granule speed (more than 650m/s), high coating thickness (more than 10mm)
4. Compact size, suitable for site working

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