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Paper Stick Making Machine

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Our paper stick making machine is strictly designed and produced based on state health standard. It supports automatic material feeding, winding, and sizing. The paper stick manufactured with our automatic paper stick making equipment is generally used by cotton swab and lollipop. The cotton swab stick making machine is characterized by high automation, high production speed, simple operation, and easy maintenance.

Main Machine Sections
1) Paper feeding device: After decoiling, the paper is fed through two paper rollers into the machine, with web tension controller and electromagnetic brake.
2) Glue application device: Small pump+ glue box+ 14pcs glue droppers for even application, with adjustable dripping quantity.
3) Stick forming device: roll up the paper firstly, then glue before forming to ensure high finished stick quality.
4) Cutting device: Special cutter is used to complete cutting at one time.
5) Conveyor belt: used for conveying finished paper sticks, and baffle plates are designed to avoid sticks down.

1. The paper stick making machine is installed with variable frequency control system and overload protection device. The fast operating speed results in high productivity.
2. An electromagnetic metering pump is employed to accurately control the sizing of the paper stick. In addition, little glue is needed, ensuring lower cost.
3. For stable paper feeding, the lollipop stick making machine employs automatic tension control system for the feeding device.
4. Thanks to the flexible manual correcting device for the paper stick making machine, the material feeding accuracy can be adjusted, rapidly.
5. The programmable controller is conductive to the avoidance of mal-operation.
6.Equipped with an auto cutting device, the paper sticks manufacturing machine is used for automatically cutting two ends of stick, providing high quality finished paper sticks.
7.The paper stick making machine is designed with a 200kg small lifting device which is used for easily lifting the cover of paper winding roll unit.
8.Stick forming won’t be carried out before paper feeding.

Technical Parameters of Paper Stick Making Machine

Item Specifications
Paper stick length 60-90mm
Paper stick diameter 1.5-3.5mm
Production speed 600-800pcs/min
Total electric power 8.75kW
Machine dimension 1750×750×1650mm
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