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Polyurea Spraying Machine

The polyurea spraying machine is generally employed for spraying polyurethane elastomer, polyurethane foam, and some other materials. It is widely seen in the construction of embankment waterproof project, pipeline anticorrosion treatment, sub-cofferdam, tank and pipe coating, cement layer protection, sewage water treatment project, roof and cellar waterproof project, and so on. In addition, the polyurea spraying equipment can also be used for building maintenance, antiwear layer painting, and insulating layer spraying for refrigeration house.

1. The polyurea spraying machine adopts 160 oil cylinder for the construction of high-rise buildings.
2. This polyurea coating solution is characterized by small volume, light weight, low failure rate, easy operation, and outstanding mobility.
3. By virtue of the advanced air exchange mode, our polyurea spraying machine achieves stable operation.
4. The four raw material filters minimize the blocking caused by impurity.
5. Multiple leakage-proof devices effectively prevent the workers from being injured.
6. Apart from the emergency switch, the digital metering system is available with this polyurea spraying machine, as well
7. 380V heating system is capable of heating up the raw material to the expected temperature.
8. Thanks to the small volume of the sprayer, the polyurea coating equipment has light weight and low failure rate.
9. The pump for material lifting supports proportion adjustment between two materials in a large range.

Technical Parameters

Item Specifications
Model GZ-5200 GZ-5600
Quantity of flow 2-12kg/min 2-12kg/min
Working pressure 22MPa 24MPa
Heating power 18kW 20kW
Pipe length 15 meters heating pipe (can be extended to 120m)
Air compressor 0.5-0.8MPa (prepared by customer)
Machine dimension 850×1000×1300mm
Machine weight 195kg
Proportion of material A and B 1:1
Drive mode Pneumatic
Electric power 380V, 3-phase, 50Hz
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