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Vacuum Kneader

Our vacuum kneader has widely application. It is extensively seen in the industry such as silicone rubber, moulding rubber, hot melt adhesive, printing ink, painting, pigment, dyestuff, oil paint, and carbon material. In addition, the vacuum kneading device is an ideal tool for the other industries, including chemical industry, plastic, medicine, cosmetic, foodstuff, tape, urea-formaldehyde molding powder, starch, gum base, welding electrode, etc.

Working Principle
The vacuum kneader is a kind of high performance device for mixing material with ultrahigh viscosity. It utilizes the shearing force generated between two stirring paddles, as well as the shearing force between the stirring paddles and the kneading tank, during the rotation of the paddles. The material can be completely mixed, kneaded, smashed, and dispersed with our vacuum kneader.

A temperature adjustment device can be connected with our vacuum rubber kneader, such as oil circulation heating device, electrical heating unit, steam heating apparatus, or cooling water system.

Technical Parameters of Vacuum Kneader

Item NHZ-500 NHZ-1000 NHZ-1500 NHZ-3000
Total volume (L) 600 1200 1500 3300
Working volume (L) 400 800 1000 2200
Main motor power (kW) 37 90 132 315
Paddle Sigma paddle
Stirring blade material ZG270-500, surface treated with SUS304
Stirring shaft material 45# steel, heat treatment for high strength
Main shaft speed (rpm) Front 0-38 0-35 0-35 0-32
Rear 0-26 0-24 0-24 0-22
Distance between paddle and cylinder (mm) ≤3 ≤3 ≤4 ≤5
Distance between paddle and side panel (mm) ≤3 ≤3 ≤4 ≤5
Main shaft seal Teflonplus T-shape combined sealing
Heating mode Steam heating≤0.8MP, or electrical heating
Material unloading mode Hydraulic controlled cylinder turnover for material unloading
Cylinder turning angle About 95°
Explosion-proof device DN100 DN150 DN150 DN200
Cap opening mode Hydraulic controlled
Cap pressing mode Manual or pneumatic controlled viton viton viton
Hydraulic station motor power (kW) 2.2 4 4 5.5
Final vacuum (MPa) -0.095
Air extraction speed of vacuum pump (m3/min) 2 3 4.5 6
Overall dimension (mm) L 2800 3650 4000 5000
W 1800 2150 2300 2750
H 1800 2275 2400 2900

Customized vacuum kneader is also welcomed.

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