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Embossing Machine

We have different embossing machines available for use in different industries, including metal embossing machines, fabric embossing machines and paper embossing machines.

Metal Embossing Machine

Technical Data of Metal Embossing Machine

Item Specifications
Applicable material Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum
Applicable material thickness Carbon steel: 2mm, stainless steel: 1.4mm, or as required
Max. plate width 1350mm (or as required)
Embossing roller material 9Cr2M, tempered and quenched with HRC60
Embossing roller diameter 350mm (or customized)
Embossing height 1.5mm (or as required)
Lifespan of embossing rollers 2 years
Main drive motor power AC motor, 11kW
Embossing speed 18m/min
Dimension 3300×1100×1500mm
Weight About 4500kg
Embossing pattern Based on customer demand

Other Embossing Patterns

In addition to this embossing machine, Zhenhuan also supplies high quality roll forming machine, spiral duct forming machine, plasma cutting machine and welding machine etc. for customers worldwide.

3D Fabric Embossing Machine

This machine is used to emboss 3D flower patterns on a variety of fabrics.

Technical Data of 3D Fabric Embossing Machine

Item Data
Width of embossing 2m, 2.5m, 3.2M
Pressure method Pneumatic
Transmission Servo motor sprocket feed
PLC & HMI Delta, Taiwan
Machine weight About 2800kg
Machine dimension About 3200 x 600 x 2300mm

Cigarette Paper Embossing Machine

This machine is used to emboss paper materials with scroll-like, composite aluminum foil papers or other materials of similar properties. It carries out embossing using an electric hydraulic pressure at constant levels, and features a durable structure, easy operation, high accuracy and excellent stability.

Technical Data of Cigarette Paper Embossing Machine

Item Data
Effective working breadth 500-1000mm
Length of embossing wool roller 1000mm
Diameter of embossing wool roller 432mm
Length of embossing roller 1000mm
Diameter of embossing roller 216mm
Suitable thickness of materials 35-160g/m2
Max. diameter of winding and unwinding 1000mm
Diameter of winding and unwinding shafts 76mm
Working speed 250m/min
Total power 25kW
Dimension of machine 4100 x 2550 x 1340mm
Machine weight About 8000kg
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