Coil Copper Tube Cutting Machine

The tube cutting machine is a NC cut-to-length machine for straightening coil copper tubes and cutting it into the length required, automatically. It adopts special cutting technology, resulting in chipless cutting and small deformation of the cutting section.

Main Features of Coil Copper Tube Cutting Machine:
1. Servo feeding, stable and high repositioning precision
2. One time cutting four pieces, high efficient
3. With stretch-breaking function, less mouth shrinking rate
4. PLC control, high automation-auto feed, auto cut, auto unload, auto alarm

Main Technical Data of Tube Cutting Machine

Item Data Remarks
Material Coil copper tube
Diameter Ф6.35~Ф19.05mm
Wall thickness 0.3~1.0mm
Copper coil size Outer diameter: 1000~1250mm Inner diameter: 130mm
Copper coil weight Max. 280kg
Cutting pieces 4 Dual-drive, one time
Cutting length Min. 40 mm, no max. limit When less than 100mm, no pre-stretching
One-time feeding stroke 1000 mm
Working efficiency 8 times per minute(L=1000)
Straightness tolerance ≤2‰
Repositioning precision L≤1000 mm≤0.3mm L≥1000 mm ≤0.6mm d0-original wall thickness d1-finished wall thickness f= (d1 - d0)/ d0 %
Mouth inner diameter shrinking rate f < 20%
Length difference among four pieces ≤0.5mm (L=1000)
Surface condition after cut No apparent scratch, draw marks, etc. No burrs on mouth
Roundness of cut tubes Non-roundness ≤3%
Power 380V 50Hz 3Kw With air switch
Air source 0.5--0.7MPa

Microchannel Flat Aluminum Tube Cutting Machine

Inside automobile air conditioners, the multi-flow condenser uses microchannel flat aluminum tubes. These tubes are also called mini-channel or multiport aluminum pipes. A microchannel flat aluminum tube cutting machine is designed specifically to straighten the coil aluminum tubes. It also has the functions of necking and automatic cutting to length.

Main Features
1. Employing servo feeding system, the coil aluminum tube cutting machine has stable and high-accuracy repositioning performance.
2. Two pieces of coil aluminum tube can be cut synchronously, resulting in high working efficiency.
3. The special stretch-break cutting function results in less mouth shrinking rate
4. Controlled by PLC, this product can complete decoiling, material feeding, and material cutting, automatically.

Technical Parameters of Microchannel Flat Aluminum Tube Cutting Mac

Item Specifications
Material Coil flat aluminum tube
Flat aluminum tube width 14-32mm
Flat aluminum tube thickness 1.5-3mm
Aluminum coil size Outer diameter: 1100mm Inner diameter: 450-500mm Height: 300-330mm Weight: max. 300kg
Cutting pieces 2
Cutting length Min. 100mm, no upper limit
One-time feeding stroke 200-900mm
Cutting speed 15 times per minute (L=650)
Cut-to-length accuracy ≤±0.2mm
Straightening accuracy in width ±0.04/850mm
Straightening accuracy in thickness ±0.02/850mm
Time for changing cutting blade ≤5min
Time for changing tube width ≤15min
Total electric power About 10kW
Air source 0.5-0.7MPa
Total weight About 2800kg

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