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Radiator Fin Forming Machine

By using different kind of dies, this fin forming machine can produce different kinds of fins for radiators, condensers and evaporators used in refrigerators, automobiles. The material can be aluminum, copper and stainless steel.

Fin Shapes

  • Wave type
  • Offset type
  • Straight type
  • Hole type
  • Big pitch type
  • Blind vane type (louvered)

Main Technical Data of Radiator Fin Forming Machine

Item Specifications
Applicable material Aluminum, copper, 0.05-0.20mm in thickness
Suitable radiator fin height 4.5-22mm
Suitable radiator fin width 10-120mm
Suitable radiator fin pitch 2.0-5.0mm
Forming speed 3000-4000 fins per minute
Material feeding speed 150m/min
Finished radiator fin height tolerance ±0.05mm
Cutting frequency Max. 60 cuts per minute
Cutting precision ±0.0 fin
Total power 4.5kW

Note: We have high speed fin forming machines available at 180m/min and 280m/min.

As a specialized fin forming machine supplier, we at Zhenhuan can provide any kind of machines related to making radiators, condensers and evaporators.

Radiator Fin Press Machine

Equipped with various dyes, the machine is capable of producing different aluminum fins for aluminum radiators, condensers, and evaporators used in refrigerators and automobiles.

Technical Data of Radiator Fin Press Machine

Item CPC-1210 CPC-1410 CPC-1610 CPC-1810
Suitable material thickness Aluminum 0.1-0.5mm; Copper 0.1-0.3mm; SS 0.1-0.15mm
Suitable material width Aluminum≤ 300mm; Copper ≤ 120mm; SS ≤ 90mm
Fin press force 5 tons
Fin press speed Four gears: 28, 38, 68, 80 times/min
Die height 135-145mm
Fin pressing stroke 12mm 14mm 16mm 18mm
Max. fin height 9.5mm 11.5mm 13.5mm 15.5mm
Max. fin pitch 10mm
Fin press precision Parallelism of bottom die highest points: 0.05mm Parallelism of bottom die lowest points: 0.1mm Parallelism during bottom die moving up: 0.15mm Parallelism during bottom die moving down: 0.15mm
Motor power 4kW
Machine dimension About 1200 x 900 x 1600mm
Machine weight About 2000kg
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