Roller Bending Machine

Description of Roller Bending Machine

This roller bending machine is a primary product of our company. When pre-bending end, the length of flat edge can be set freely. And the top roller can move up and down. Drum-type upper roller is suitable for wider plate thickness range.

Features of Roller Bending Machine:
1. High precision end pre-bending
2. Excellent product precision: Continuous bending and high precision pre-bending bring excellent product precision;
3. NC control reaches high productivity: simple operation, one worker is enough;
4. Different usage can choose different control method:
-- TNC type (top roller NC control) is fit for many types with small quantity;
-- T & BNC (top and bottom rollers both NC control) is suitable for few types but large quantity;
-- CNC type is ideal for large quantity in many types;
5. Various bending shapes: O shape, U shape and multi-radius

Main Technical Data of Roller Bending Machine:
Since there are many different kinds of roller bending machines, please kindly let me know the following information for product recommendation.
1. Raw material type
2. Material thickness
3. Material width
4. Product OD and ID required

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