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Turret Punch Press Tool Grinding Machine

Description of Turret Punch Press Tool Grinding Machine
Our grinding machine is specially designed for grinding the punching tools that are used in a turret punch press. The maximum grinding diameter is up to 300mm. The available rotary table will offer a 0 and 15 degree incline, when it is utilized for cutting rooftop tools (one kind of punching tools). The application of new improved automatic tool setting method enables tool grinding much simpler and this method is analogous to Japanese workholding method. In order to prevent tools from burning and prolong their service life, this turret punch press tool grinding machine is applied with 2-way water cooling system as well as high-grade abrasive wheel manufactured with special boron carbide. Additionally, this equipment can process both top and bottom tools.

Technical Parameters of Turret Punch Press Tool Grinding Machine

Item Data
Grinding precision ±0.05mm
Grinding wheel boron carbide
Max. tool diameter 300mm
Max. tool height 250mm
Min. grinding measure setting 0.001mm
Max. feeding speed 900mm/min
Min. feeding speed 0.015mm/s
PLC Mitsubishi from Japan
Motor for main spindle 2.2kW, 3600rpm
Motor for rotary table 0.375kW, 1800rpm
Motor for water cooling system 0.125kW, 1800rpm
Electric power source AC 380/400V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimension 600 x 700 x 1650mm
Weight 600kg
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