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Gas Pressure Spring Making Machines

In order to produce gas pressure springs, numerous machines are needed. Among these machines, the most important one is the gas spring cylinder closing machine.

Gas Spring Cylinder Closing Machine
The gas spring cylinder closing machine utilizes a hot spinning technology in order to close the steel tube end, and features an adjustable diameter of finished hole. The machine utilizes an advanced mid-frequency induction heating method, which is clean and fast. The PLC control and HMI operation make the machine simple and convenient to operate.

Main Technical Data

Item RXYJ-40
Suitable tube diameter 10-40mm
Suitable tube wall thickness 1-2.5mm
Suitable tube length 80-650mm
Necking-in / closing speed 5~15s
Production speed 300~400pcs/h
Main motor power 4kW
Induction heating power 15kW
Machine dimension About 1600x2200x2050mm
Machine weight About 1850kg

If the gas spring cylinder has a groove:

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