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Oval Tube Finning Machine

Heat Exchanging Oval Tube Finning Machine

The heat exchanging oval tube finning machines are widely used in air cooling systems of power station and chemical plant. The tubes use an oval tube as a carrier, which is different to other traditional cooler fin tubes.

The oval tube finning machine is specially designed to punch and string fins automatically onto the oval tubes.

Main Features
- PLC control, HMI operation, display of working conditions
- The electronic cam & phase display ensures accurate and smooth actions between the punch press and stringing device.
- The die table moves transversally, making the die maintaining and checking convenient.
- More roller guides, higher guiding precision, longer die life
- Powerful inverter speed control, stable operation of entire production line

Technical Data

Item JG31CT-45 JG31CT-100
Nominal force (kN) 450 1000
Ram stroke (mm) 70 70
Upper mold adjustment (mm) 50 80
Die height (mm) 2750 270
Die height adjustment (mm) 20 30
Number of strokes (times/min) 60-250 60-250
Suitable band width (mm) 150 240
Suitable coil OD. (mm) 1200 1200
Suitable coil weight (kg) 1000kg 1000kg
Max. oval tube length (mm) 10m 15m
Max. numbers of tube stringing 2 or 4 8 or 4
Main driving motor power (kW) 5.5 11

Photos of Typical Oval Fin Tubes

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