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Bundy Tube Serpentine Bending Machine

The round metal serpentine tube bending machine is specially designed to bend multiple round copper, aluminum, or Bundy tubes into a serpentine tube.

The machine includes an automatic feeding device, an automatic bending head and a PLC control system. It is PLC controlled with HMI operation. The feeding length, bending radius and bend quantity can be preset on the touch screen, and numerous programs can be saved for future use.

Technical Data
Item Data
Suitable tube material Bundy tube, straight cut
Suitable tube diameter 2-6mm
Suitable tube wall thickness Max. 1.0mm
Fixed table diameter 2500mm
Bending radius Max. 70mm, min 10mm
Bending angle 0-200º
Max. Tube quantity bent together 20 @ Φ4.76mm
Feeding speed 0-1000mm/s
Feeding precision ±0.05mm
Bending speed 0-300º/s
Compositive bending efficiency 4 seconds per bend
Bending axis re-positioning accuracy ±0.1º
Feeding axis re-positioning accuracy ≤0.3mm @ L≤1000mm ≤0.6mm @ L>1000mm
Straightness tolerance ≤0.5%
Pneumatic pressure source 0.6MPa
Total motor power 3kW (feeding motor + bending motor)
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