Vertical Tube Expander

This vertical tube expander is specially designed for heat exchanger coil production. It can expand copper tubes, enlarge tube ends and flare tube ends in one cycle, to make copper tubes and aluminum fins join tightly for higher heating exchange efficiency.

The machine adopts centralized compulsive lubricating system for whole equipment lubrication.

Main Technical Data of Vertical Tube Expander

Item Data
Suitable copper tube OD 1/2” (customized)
Suitable copper tube wall thickness 0.5mm
Suitable copper tube rows (max.) 6 (customized)
Tube numbers in each row (max.) 10 (customized)
Hole pitch As per drawing
Row pitch As per drawing
Length of copper tube 200~2100mm (customized)
Parallelism error between header plates Less than 0.1% of coil width
Coil surface error Less than 1mm
Coil length error Less than 0.1% of coil length
Concentricity error between expanding & flaring ≤Φ0.2mm
Max.hydraulic force for expanding 30Tons
Tact time 30 seconds/cycle
Quick-down speed (tube expanding) 6.71m/min
Slow-down speed (secondary flaring) 1.1m/min
Quick-up speed 9.81m/min
  • For large-size heat exchanger coil production, horizontal tube expanders will be used:
  • For small-capacity workshops, portable tube expanders will be a good option:
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