CNC Copper Tube Bender

Main Features of CNC Copper Tube Bender
  • The tube bender frame and body adopt keel structure to ensure high intensity, rigidity, and stability.
  • The bending head is designed in an integral box structure and the bending arm adopts a precise teeth chain as transmission, offering high precision.
  • Special clamping structure ensures enough clamping force, not to damage workpiece.
  • The core rod is of universal joint type, exempting from lubrication.
  • Machine has self-testing function for detecting original of X and Z axis and dead point alarming.
  • 8” LCD displayer, integrative antifouling keyboard
  • CNC controller can save 400 units programs for 400 products, G-M code, with RS232 interface
  • Program has auto-calibration function for bending angle and length, auto counting, auto alarming, power-off memory.
Main Technical Data of CNC Copper Tube Bender
Item Data
Suitable bending tube diameter Copper/aluminum Max. 20mm
Carbon steel Max. 16mm
Suitable tube wall thickness Copper/aluminum Max. 1.5mm
Carbon steel Max. 1.0mm
Max. bending angle 0- 200º
3D rotating angle 360º
Max. bending radius R80mm
Min. bending radius R10mm
Max. workpiece length 1800mm (through-type)
Feeding stroke 0-1200mm
General bending efficiency 2.2 sec. per bend
Feeding speed 1-1200mm/sec.
Rotating speed 0-600 º/sec.
Bending speed 0-300 º/sec.
Re-positioning precision Feeding axis ±0.05mm
Rotating axis ±0.05º
Bending axis ±0.05º
Servo motor power Feeding axis 1.5kW
Rotating axis 0.75kW
Bending axis 3.0kW
Pneumatic pressure 0.5-0.7MPa
Power supply 380V, 3Phase, 50Hz
Machine dimension 2500 x 620 x 1300mm
Weight About 1200kg

  • Above CNC copper tube bending machine is of single bending die design. We have 2-layer die and 3-layer die models as well.
  • We can provide automatic loading device and manipulator to achieve full automatic unattended operation.
  • We can also integrate collar hole punching function on the tube bender.
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