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Copper Tube Collar Hole Punching Machine

Description of Copper Tube Collar Hole Punching Machine
The copper tube flange hole punching machine is also called as copper tube collar hole punching machine or copper tube collaring machine, specially designed for punching flange (collar) holes on copper tubes in air conditioners and solar heaters.

This machine adopts “extruder system”, forming collars by pushing-out from tube inside, different to T-drill technology. Collar hole mouth is clean and even, no need further processing. So it is suitable for large scale production.

This machine adopts two servo motors, one for feeding and another for rotating, capable for collaring at any positions on the tube.

Main Features of Copper Tube Collar Hole Punching Machine
  • Servo feeding, servo rotating, hydraulic punching
  • PLC + HMI, full automatic, only manual loading & unloading
  • Good punching & drawing result, high efficient
  • Medium-speed wire cut molds, more than 100,000 times punching life

Main Technical Data of Copper Tube Collar Hole Punching Machine

Item Data
Max. copper tube diameter Φ40mm
Min. copper tube diameter Φ12.0mm
Copper tube wall thickness 1-1.5mm
Max. tube length 1500mm
Min. collar hole diameter Φ5.0mm
Collar hole inner diameter precision ±0.05mm
Min. space between two holes 15mm @8mm hole
Hole collar height Tube diameter < Φ16mm 1.5mm
Tube diameter > Φ16mm 2mm
Verticality between collar and tube ≤0.1mm
Feeding speed 600mm/S
Rotating speed 360°/S
Feeding axis position precision ±0.10mm
Rotating axis position precision ±0.10°
Max. clamping force 800kg
Max. punching force 2000kg
Clamping method hydraulic
Punching efficiency 3~5 seconds per hole
Hydraulic station pump motor power 2.2kW
Total power 3.5KW
Dimension Around 2200 x 560 x 1250mm
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