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Evaporator Core Assembling Machine

This evaporator core assembling machine is specially designed for assembling refrigerator evaporator cores and deep freezer evaporator cores full automatically.
The machine will automatically select fins, insert fins and expand tubes, thus finish a core for refrigerator or deep freezer.

Main Technical Data of Evaporator Core Assembling Machine
Item Data
Applicable evaporator core refrigerator, deep freezer
Applicable evaporator core length 100~600mm
Applicable aluminum tube diameter Φ8mm
Number of U tube rows 2 / 3
Aluminum fin width 50mm (60mm) / 75mm
Max. hole numbers in each row 14 / 7
Hole pitch 38.1mm
Row pitch 22mm
Fin stacking method Servo motor driving, pneumatic absorbing
Fin stacking speed 2~3 seconds per fin
Tube inserting method Manually pre-loaded, hydraulic pushing
Tube inserting speed 400mm/s
Hydraulic pump motor power 5HP
Hydraulic pressure 5~7MPa
Machine dimension About 10 x 1.2 x 1.5m
Machine weight About 1500kg
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