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Copper Tube Straightening Flaring & Bending Machine

Description of Copper Tube Straightening Flaring & Bending Machine

This copper tube straightening flaring & bending machine is specially designed for decoiling, straightening, end forming, bending, and cutting coil copper tubes into different shapes, used in air conditioners and heat exchangers.

This machine is an integrated machine, combing straightening, end forming and 3D bending together. There is robot manipulator automatically move end-formed parts to bending station.

The machine is PLC control, HMI operation, full automatic, high uniformity, no labor required.

This machine line is designed to be heavy-duty for max. copper tube OD 22mm. The clamping force for bending will be hydraulic and servo motor for bending will be much bigger.

Main Technical Data of Copper Tube Straightening Flaring & Bending Machine
Item Data
Suitable copper/aluminum tube material Hard / soft
Suitable copper tube reel size Max. weight 280kg Max. OD: Ф1250mm; ID: Ф130mm
Suitable copper tube diameter Max. Φ22mm x 1.2mm
Bending station Bending radius Max. R 60mm; Min. R 10mm
Max. Workpiece length 1200mm
Feeding axis (X) Stroke 0 - 1200mm
Speed 0 - 1200mm/sec
Precision ±0.05mm
Rotating axis (Y) Angle 0 - ±360°
Speed 0 - 600°/sec
Precision ±0.05°
Bending axis (Z) Angle 0 - 200°
Speed 0 - 300°/sec
Precision ±0.05°
Decoiling & straightening station One-time feeding stroke Max. 1000mm
Linear straightness error ≤2‰
Re-positioning error When L≤1000mm, ≤0.3mm When L≥1000 mm, ≤0.6mm
Tube end ID reduction ratio f < 20% *
Length difference between tubes ≤0.5mm (L=1000)
Surface condition after cut No apparent scratch, drawing marks; no burrs
Roundness of cut tubes When diameter ≤ ф12.7, ≤3% When diameter >ф12.7, ≤0.4mm
End forming station Power Hydraulic
Working-stations 1
End forming method flaring
Overall equipment effectiveness 3~4 seconds per bend
Electric power 380V / 50Hz / 7.0kW
Whole line dimension L4000 x W1000 x H1300mm
Whole weight 1000kg
Pneumatic source 0.5 - 0.7MPa
Hydraulic pressure 5 - 7MPa

* 1-When cutting length is less than 100mm, there will be pre-stretching function.
* 2- Tube end ID reduction ratio means:

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