Hairpin Tube Bender

This hairpin tube bender is specially designed for decoiling, straightening, burrless cutting, and bending coil copper tubes into long U shape, used in air conditioners and heat exchangers.

This machine is comprised of a decoiler, straightening & cutting device, bending & tube-returning device, unloading device, hydraulic system, pneumatic system, and a PLC control system.

Main Technical Data of Hairpin Tube Bender

Item Data
Suitable copper tube material TP2
Suitable copper tube diameter Φ7mm; Φ9.52mm (customized)
Bending radius ф7: R21mm; ф9.52: R25.4mm
Copper tube numbers 6 (customized)
Max. copper tube length 275~1600mm (customized)
Production speed L≤300, < 8s; L≤800, < 12s; L≤1600, < 20s;
Length error L< 800, ±0.5mm; L≥800mm, ±0.8mm
Length error between two ends Less than 1.0mm
Center distance error between two ends Less than ±0.1mm (within 14mm away from loop)
Tube ID at cutting ends ф7: >ф5.6mm; ф9.52: >ф8mm
Straightness error Curvature ≤3mm @L=1000mm
Flattening ratio at loop area Less than 15%
Thinning ratio at loop area Less than 30%
Finishing quality No wrinkle, scratch, crack, dimple, bulge, burr
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