Condenser Coil Bending Machine

This condenser coil bending machine is specially designed for bending condenser coil of air conditioner to L, U, or G shape automatically.
This machine is PLC control, servo motor driving, HMI presetting related parameters, simple & convenient operation.

Main Features of Condenser Coil Bending Machine
  • Bending mechanism is driving by inverter motor, stable working
  • Worktable is elevated, inverter motor driving, stable and noiseless
  • Worktable has one following trolley for related compensating motion, good non-deformability
  • Motion section is equipped with protection mesh, good safety
Main Technical Data of Condenser Coil Bending Machine
Item Data
Applicable condenser core width Max. 850mm
Applicable condenser core layers 1, 2, 3
Bending thickness 13.37mm, 19.05mm, 22mm
Bending shape L, U, G
Bending radius R105 (1 layer) R85 (2 layers) R65 (2 or 3 layers)
Bending angle 0~120°, adjustable
Bending precision ±0.1°
Operation method Automatic/ manual
Bending speed Not more than 15 seconds
Core thickness thinning rate Not more than 5%
Total power 4.5kW
Machine weight About 1600kg

Except for this condenser coil bending machine, we also have coil bender for microchannel tube & fin type condenser coil:

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