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Copper Tube Flaring & Cutting Machine

This copper tube flaring & cutting machine combines straightening and end flaring, offering decoiling, straightening, burrless cutting and one end flaring, widely used for copper/aluminum tube processing.

Main Features of Copper Tube Flaring & Cutting Machine
  • Servo feeding, stable and high re-positioning precision
  • One time processing four pieces, high efficient
  • Adopting pull-apart technology, less tube end ID reduction ratio
  • Pneumatic flaring
  • PLC control, high automation—auto feed, auto flaring, auto cut, auto unload, auto alarm.
Main Technical Data of Copper Tube Flaring & Cutting Machine
Item Data
Suitable copper/aluminum tube Coil, TP1/2 (M/M2)
Suitable tube diameter range Ф4.0~10.0mm
Suitable tube wall thickness Max. 0.7mm
Cutting length range Min. 100m; no limit on max. length
Pay-off device Passive, for four tubes
Cutting station Two stations (each for two tubes)
Cutting speed 6 cuts per minute (@L=600mm)*
Feeding speed Max. 0.5m/s
Max. takt time 7 seconds
One-time feeding stroke Max. 800mm
Straightness tolerance ≤2‰
Cut-to-length tolerance ≤0.3mm /1000mm
Length difference between two tubes ≤0.5mm
Tube end ID reduction ratio f < 25%*
Out-of-roundness of finished end Less than 1% of tube diameter
Coaxiality between finished end and tube center Less than 0.1mm
Max. processing depth error Less than +/-0.5mm
Compressed air 0.5-0.7MPa
Total electric consumption 6kW

* 1- When cutting length is less than 100mm, there will be no pre-stretching function.
* 2- Tube end ID reduction ratio means:

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