Copper Tube End Forming Machine

The tube end forming machine is specially offered for tube end expanding, reducing, tapering, bellmouth forming, positioning ring forming, and so on. The pipe processed with our pipe end forming machine is generally used in the industry such as air condition, heater, and automobile. The tube end forming equipment can be designed with single station, three stations, four stations, five stations, and six stations. Customer can choose the tube processing machine based on actual demand.

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Technical Parameters of Tube End Forming Machine

Item Specifications
Model 3-station Copper Tube End Forming Machine
Applicable copper tube diameter Φ6-12mm
Applicable copper tube wall thickness 0.5-0.75mm
Suitable copper tube length Max. 1.5m (bellmouth: 3.5-4m)
Coaxiality between formed end and tube center Less than 0.1mm
Out-of-roundness Less than 10% of tube diameter
Repositioning accuracy Less than 0.15mm
Duration of single action 3-5 seconds

Typical Expanding/Reduced Diameter Copper Tube Sizes

Tube Diameter×Wall Thickness Formed Size
Φ12×0.6mm 90° bellmouth, Φ15.1mm
Φ6×0.5mm 90° bellmouth, Φ9.2mm
Φ12×0.75mm Φ12.7mm (0~-0.15mm)
Φ9.53×0.75mm Φ10mm(0~-0.15mm)
Φ8×0.75mm Φ9.53mm(0~-0.15mm)
Φ7×0.75mm Φ9.4mm(0~-0.15mm)
Φ10×0.75mm Φ9.53mm(0~-0.15mm)
Φ10×0.75mm Φ12.7mm(0~-0.15mm)

We can design and configure different types of tube end former according to your actual requirements:

  • Spinning Type End Former
  • Direct-pushing & Spinning Integrated End Former
  • Multi-station End Forming Machine with Auto Loading
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