Return Tube Bending Machine

This return tube bending machine is specially designed for decoiling, straightening, bending, and cutting coil copper tubes into return U bends and crossover C bends, used in air conditioners and heat exchangers.

This return tube bending machine is comprised of coil copper tube pay-off device, straightening device, bending & cutting device, unloading device, hydraulic system, pneumatic system and PLC control system.
For coil copper tubes diameter not more than 9.52mm (3/8”), below 5-head pay-off device will be used, passive drive, without power.

Main Technical Data of Return Tube Bending Machine
Item Data
Suitable copper tube material TP2
Suitable copper tube reel size Max. OD: Ф1100mm; ID: Ф130mm
Suitable copper tube diameter Φ7.0mm / Φ9.52mm
Copper tube numbers Max. 5 pieces
Cycle time < 6s (for U bends)
U bend height error ±0.5mm
Length error between two legs Less than 0.5mm
Radius error ±0.5mm
Pitch error (center distance between legs) ±0.1mm
Straightness error Curvature ≤3mm @L=1000mm
Flattening ratio at tube ends Less than 5%
Thinning ratio at loop area Less than 30%
Burr height at two ends Less than 0.2mm
Finishing quality No wrinkle, scratch, crack, dimple, bulge
Total electric power 5kW
For return bends, there are other auxiliary machines:
  • Return bends End Reducing / Expanding Machine
  • Return bends welding ring assembling machine
  • Return bends cleaning & polishing machine
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