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Impulse Voltage Generator

An impulse voltage generator is a complete high voltage test system for lightning impulse voltage (current) tests for electric cables, capacitors, bushings, power transformers, reactors, instrument transformers and other devices. Our impulse voltage generator can carry out standard lightning full wave impulse tests, chopping wave impulse tests, standard operation wave impulse tests, or non-standard wave tests as per customer requirements.

The main structure uses 4 insulation columns, analogues from HAEFELY and SIEMENS, with a movable chassis. The synchronous sphere gap is installed inside the insulation barrel with an observation window, making discharge stable and reliable. The primary body has an insulation ladder and operation platform, allowing for easy operation and maintenance. Capacitors are solid insulation media and fully sealed to prevent deformation and oil leakage. The entire machine is fully automatic, PLC controlled and automatically charges. It also carries out sphere gap following, triggering, alarming, polarity switching, wave analyzing, wave saving and more.

- Generator main body
- Wave chopping device
- Voltage divider
- Integrated control panel
- Digital wave recording system

Production Range of Impulse Voltage Generator
- Max. lightning impulse voltage: 10000kV
- Nominal capacity: 5kJ~1000kJ

We also have impulse current generators of rated current 5-200kA and capacity 50-240kJ:

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