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Rivet Making Machine

Stainless Steel Pop Rivet Making Machine

To produce stainless steel pop rivets, the following machines are needed:
- Cold heading machine
- Blind rivet nail making machine
- Open blind rivet assembly machine
- Washing and polishing machine

4 Die and 4 Blow Cold Heading Machine

This machine is used to produce short section tube nipples or rollers.

Technical Data

Item Data
Station number(die number) 4
Suitable max. diameter of products 5mm
Suitable max. length of products 40mm
Punch size Φ30 x 110mm
Main die size Φ45 x 80mm
Production speed 30-70pcs/min
Machine weight 2500kg
Machine size 2500 x 1800 x 1500mm

Blind Rivet Nail Making Machine

The blind rivet nail making machine is designed to produce built-in nails for blind rivets.

Technical Data

Item Data
Suitable nail diameter 2-4 mm
Max. nail length 55mm
Producing speed About 200pcs/min
Slide stroke 85mm
Total power 1.5 kW
Machine dimension 1350 x 1200 x 1200mm
Machine weight 1000kg

Open Blind Rivet Assembling Machine

This machine is designed to assemble hollow rivets with nails via two vibrating feeders.

Technical Data

Item Data
Suitable rivet diameter 2-6 mm
Producing speed About 300-500pcs/min
Total power 0.8 kW
Machine dimension 1000 x 800 x 1200mm
Machine weight 600kg
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