CNC Coil Winder

Different coils require different CNC coil winding machines. Some of these coils include air-core coils, miniature toroidal coils, self-boarded bobbin free coils, speaker voice coils, wireless charging coils and transformer coils.

Multi-Axis Air Coil Winding Machine

We provide fully automatic 3-axis CNC machines for winding multi-layer air core coils. They can wind a maximum of 4 layers in round or rectangular bobbin free coils.

Main Features
- Machines of different capacities for different wire gauges: 0.2-1.0mm, 1.0-2.0mm, 2.0-4.0mm
- High precision ball screw and bearings with high precision and long life
- All three axes are controlled by servo motor, meaning low noise and stable operation.
- CNC control, simple operation, easy programming
- Optional wire stripping machine and tinning device


Technical Data

Item KXJ-013 KXJ-033 KXJ-033A
Suitable wire diameter 0.2-1.0mm 1.0-2.0mm 2.0-4.0mm
Suitable air core coils Single-layer Multi-layer
Stripping method 3 diamond blades, centrifugal type Servo stripper
Max. guide head stroke 90mm 65mm
Max. lead wire length 30mm
Final lead wire position Freely adjustable
Main spindle speed 0-3000 rpm 0-1500 rpm
Max. production speed 50 pcs/min 30 pcs/min
Air coil winding direction Clockwise / anti-clockwise
X-axis setting range 0.1º-359.9º
Y-axis setting range ±0.1º - ±99C359º
Winding spindle stop precision
Winding set resolution ratio 0.1º
Stripping motor AC100W AC 150W
Tinning oven power 400W

CNC Wireless Charging Coil Winder

The CNC wireless charging coil winder is specially designed for automatically winding wireless charging coils. It is suitable for strand wires and silk-covered wires.

Main Features
- Hot air bonding
- Fully automatic 4-axis servo motor control
- The wire feeding device uses an SMC rodless cylinder and HIWIN linear guide
- Internationally known brand name PLC control system
- Full seal protection enclosure, clean and good safety


Main Technical Data

Item KXJ-064
Number of spindles 4
Winding wire section range 1-8mm2
Suitable wireless charging coils Both transmitting and receiving coils
Bonding method Hot air blowing
Finishing lead position Arbitrary
Flying spindle speed 0-3000 rpm
Winding spindle speed 0-3000rpm
Max. production speed 2 pcs/min
Winding direction Clockwise / anti-clockwise
X-axis setting range 0 - ±999999C359º
Y-axis setting range 0 - ±999999C359º
Winding spindle stop precision
Winding set resolution ratio 0.1º
Beginning lead length Min. 10mm, max. 30mm
Finishing lead length Min. 10mm, max. 50mm

CNC Speaker Coil Fly Winding Machine

The CNC speaker coil fly winding machine is a CNC machine used for winding self-supporting speaker voice coils using wires that have been coated in a thermo-plastic adhesive. The wire is heated by a hot air supply as it is wound onto the coil, and each turn is bound together using the adhesive. Finished coils are removed from the tool and automatically ejected from the machine onto a rotating unloading tool.

Main Features
- Fly winding design, multi-station winding & unloading
- Imported high precision ball screws & bearings, more accurate winding & guiding, longer life
- Two axis servo motor drive
- The CNC control system uses a microcontroller for simple operation and easy programming
- Low noise level


Technical Data

Item KXJ-082
Number of spindles 2
Winding wire range 0.02-0.1mm
Bonding method Hot air
Max. stroke of guide head 65mm
Lead position Arbitrary
Spindle speed 0-3000 rpm
Max. production speed 5 pcs/min
Air coil winding direction Clockwise / anti-clockwise
Y-axis setting range 0 - ±999999C359º
Winding spindle stop precision
Winding set resolution ratio 0.1º

CNC Miniature Toroidal Coil Winder

The CNC miniature toroidal coil winder is used to wind 4 twisted wires into super miniature toroidal cores. It is a fully automatic machine, with automatic core feeding, wire accumulation, twisting, winding and finished coil unloading. We also offer other miniature toroidal coil winders for different wire winding purposes.

Main Features
- Separate accumulating speed & length control
- Separate winding speed & turn control
- Optical fiber sensor plus dual digital displayer for turn controlling
- Variable winding pitch, programmable
- Servo motor drive, high precision, stable speed switching
- Fully automatic, continuous working, numerous machines with few operators

Technical Data

Item Data
Miniature core ID 1.27~2mm
Miniature core OD 2~4mm
Miniature core height 0.65~3mm
Suitable wire diameter 0.07 ~0.127mm
Winding method 4 wires twisted
Winding turns 9~16
Continuous production delay time Less than 2%
Winding speed 4~6s per piece
pass percent >99.5%
Machine dimension About 850 x 550 x 1400mm
Machine weight About 450kg
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